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Lessons Learned From My Dog in 2020

Lessons Learned From My Dog in 2020

November 11, 2020

Video Transcription.

Hey everyone, this is my dog Max. We adopted him about 6 years ago as a rescue dog. He was in kind of rough shape. He was covered in ticks and had a serious drinking problem. He’s been a great dog and I am super happy we rescued him.

So, here we are. 6 years later. 2020. What a year this has been. Coronavirus, market correction and recovery, riots, looting, and now election turmoil. It just seems like lately everyone is mad and fighting all of the time. 

Yet, when I get home from work, there’s Max. Always happy to see me when I walk in the house. He doesn’t want anything except a little attention. When I’m doing something in the garage, he’s always there happy to just be there with me. He loves riding in the car with his head out of the window and he especially loves the long walks my wife takes him on every morning. He’s honestly just a happy dog. 

Max doesn’t know about a pandemic or care about politics. He doesn’t watch the news and get frustrated, which is partially because he hasn’t yet figured out that the fireplace isn’t the TV. But seriously, what I have learned from Max this year is to disconnect from the things that are out of my control or frustrate me. I don’t watch the news anymore. What’s the point? It’s just people fighting or stories about people fighting. I definitely stay away from social media political arguments. So, I chose to be happy instead of frustrated. I chose to enjoy living instead of worrying about dying.  

And while I need to pay attention to certain current events and how they affect the markets, I say we turn off the news, get away from social media combat and stop judging. We’ve somehow been led to believe that we need to argue about anything and everything. We’ve been led to believe that we shouldn’t be happy. Life is too short for that. Before you know it, it’s over. Do you realize how happy we should be just to be alive? Max doesn’t care what side your on. He doesn’t care what you look like or what you believe in. He’s just happy to see you. If my dog can do that, why can’t we?