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Below you will find a collection of reviews from different sources across the internet. We very much appreciate our clients taking time out of their day to write a review. 

Paul Ragone and all of the folks at Integrity Wealth Services have been wonderful over the years. My mother and father (Clint & Gladys Maynard) were with Paul and his team for over 20 years as they helped my parents prepare for retirement and the years beyond. They do a wonderful job of listening to your wants and desires for retirement and then lay out a plan to help you achieve those goals. Upon my parents passing away, Paul has been there to help guide me through the process of navigating my parents' retirement monies every step of the way. I am keeping these retirement funds with Paul as I know there is not a better financial planner out there who cares more about his clients than he and his entire staff at Integrity Wealth Services.
-Sean Maynard

We’ve been working with Paul and IWS for over 2 years, and could not be more pleased with his knowledge, honesty, and overall approach. He’s invested the time to understand our individual goals and needs, and helped develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving them out of what had previously been various, random accounts. If you’re looking for a wealth manager, recommend you contact IWS and see if they are the right fit for you, too. 
-Sandy Johnson

Paul is very knowledgeable on all the ways to manage finances. He always provides expert advice, is available anytime we need to meet and explains everything to us....repeatedly most of the time😊. Thanks to Paul and the way he manages our finances, I could retire with peace of mind that we are financially sound.
-Lori Love

I figured if I ignored retirement then it wouldn’t bother me. Well, a previous employer wanted to cash out a pension plan I was vested in and so I had to do something. My son suggested Paul Ragone who was in the building with the guys who handled his business affairs. As my son said, “They say he is good, I’ve met him and he seems like a nice guy, and he’s low-key like you like.” Best move ever! As a rule I don’t recommend folks for fear they won’t work out and reflect poorly on me. I’ve recommended Paul to five friends and my sister – there is no fear of failure.
-Michael Patrick

I am close to retiring. Finally! I have had meetings with different recommended advisors in Knoxville lately but felt like they were more interested in how much I had in my 401(k) than what I was hoping we could accomplish with it. After venting my frustration, several people at work told me I needed to go see Paul. Best decision ever. He never even asked to see my statements during the meeting. I tried to hand them to him and he said “let’s get to that later. Right now I just want to learn more about you and your wife”. Then he did exactly that and just listened to us. He only spent about 10 minutes explaining his process, which was very easy to understand. 50 minutes were spent on listening to us. It was such a different experience than what we had been through previously. No preaching, if that makes sense. Paul is the real deal and I look forward to working with him and Integrity Wealth Services for years to come when I retire.
-Thomas Hendricks

Extremely professional and knowledgable.
-Kathryn Blevins

I have met with Paul Ragone several times to help me determine when I can retire. He actually told me it wasn’t in my best interest to retire yet even though I have a sizable 401k that I would roll over to a IRA that he would manage. So, I have 7 months left before I can retire and do the things I want to do in retirement. He didn’t charge me for any of our meetings. Paul put A LOT of time into educating me about how markets work, much I didn’t know about or ever cared to research. I just picked investments in my 401k randomly which I regret now but I did ok I guess. I had met my with my ex-husbands financial advisor before meeting with Paul. I just didn’t get a good feeling. The experience with Paul has been nothing short of amazing. If you are retiring soon, do yourself a favor and call Integrity Wealth Services.
-Jenny Stephenson

Paul has been helping me for twenty years and we have been very successful. He is a true professional that always puts the client first. Highly recommend him if you need a financial planner.
-Tom Whitehead

When I had to move my mother into our home, I quickly found that her investments were a total mess. She had multiple investments from multiple companies, some who had been bought out several times. I was losing sleep worrying about how to figure it out. Fortunately Paul Ragone, with Integrity Wealth Services, was recommended to help me sort out the mess. I’m not kidding that I took a huge stack of papers to Paul. The man is an angel, he figured it out and now mother’s savings are in two accounts (already taxes, and taxable). I’m serious, he walks on water. Forever grateful.
-Donna Patrick

I feel like there are so many individuals and companies in the world of investing, that for the average population it can be a bit overwhelming. Paul has helped my family immensely. He will always give honest advice and guidance all while educating you along the way. Highly would recommend to all!
-Coley Kam

Paul, is the most intelligent and trustworthy person you will choose to handle your money. He is extremely caring and honest with ALL of his clients. I recommend Paul to anyone and everyone looking to build for their future.
-Alec Boswell

I have been very pleased with Paul's management of our investment over the last 8-10 years, and have full confidence in his investment advise and strategies, and his honesty.
-Marty Love

Paul's knowledge and personality make him my family's go to guy for investing our money and planning our financial future.
-TJ Blevins

I am a new client of Integrity Wealth Services. I was very afraid as I have done nothing like this before. I will say that I was thinking that moving my 401k would be terrifying. The most wonderful experience was that Mr. Paul Ragone comforted me with his knowledge and expertise!!! If you want the best possible job done then run to Integrity Wealth Services as fast as you can!! There is no time to waste in the times we are in NOW!!!
-Mary Ann Moore

My husband and I are both dentists in Knoxville.  That being said, we do not have the time or the knowledge to manage our investment portfolios. Finding the right person to help us has been a challenge, until now. Paul has helped and guided us in the direction of a secure future. He studies the markets daily and always has an eye on how our investments are fairing and changing them if needed. His integrity is a breath of fresh air to us, especially after our past experiences. This is the first time in our 17 years of practicing dentistry that we feel comfortable and assured that someone is looking out for our best interests. That someone is Paul Ragone. Please do yourselves a favor and just sit down with him and you too will experience the level of honesty, knowledge and concern that we experience.
-Drs. Russell and Evon Hulse

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